How can coding clubs save lives? During the first COVID lockdown codeOrkney resources were put to action.

codeOrkney's 3D printer was put to action to make 3D printed parts required by hospitals and local retailers in order to stay safe during the initial outbreak. The NHS was unable to keep up with the demand for PPE and in particular had a need for face visors for staff. Standardised 3D models of approved face visors were used and large quantities of face visors were shipped to hospitals.

3D model of our old 3D printer - a RepRap i2


Expanding production. We needed funding to continue.

With thanks to the REWDT, The Hunter Foundation, and OIC we successfully got funding support to buy new printers and raw materials to expand out production. There was significant demand stretching from Orkney, Mainland Scotland and even North England, that demand was met by the local group of volunteers running their 3D printers for as many hours as day as possible, often 24/7 to meet demand. We expanded into make hands free devices to open doors and avoid physical contact and we now included production of filtered fabric face masks made by the local sewing community with supplied resources producing hundreds of beautiful fabric designs that incorporated 3D printed parts for comfort. All these items were offered free to those whoever needed it!

Sponsorship of the first phase of our 3D printing project was just part of the story, agreement was made with sponsors that the 3D printers would be gifted to the computing club for students to take advantage of for years to come, along with with a limited supply of funding for consumables to keep the machine running. This has led to a number of students learning how to maintain and repair, operate, design and work with 3D printing technology, and has even led to a pupil taking a 3D printing workplace placement and others taking applicable skills forward into careers.

The ball is rolling! Thanks to our sponsors.

With thanks to codeOrkney's supporters we are able to run a range of projects that support our local community, our national community, and work with pupils for fun, education and their future careers. Sponsorship of projects enables all this and more... if you feel like sponsorship of a STEM project is something right for you or your business then please get in touch and support us in starting something new.

students planning big ideas


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